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Official Club Charter

Hardcore Offroaders, Inc. is a family-oriented on and off-road Corporation with the intent of:

Providing organized, responsible and safe recreational activities for its members, and an opportunity to give back to the community.

Providing educational information to its members and the community regarding the use of and protection of our natural resources, the Tread Lightly philosophy, and the benefits of our form of recreation to the community.

Providing assistance to the community in the event of a disaster, or any event involving a situation where Hardcore Offroaders, Inc. could be of use to the community.

Recent Site Updates

May 2003   
Launched www.Hardcoreoffroaders.worldbreak.com.
May 10, 2003   
May 2003 Hardcore Offroaders, Inc. Newsletter added to site.
August 30, 2003 began formatting the Halloween Havoc 2003 and Sponsor pages.
September 6, 2003: Began adding Photographs to various pages.
                                                                        October  17, 2003: Updated Sponsor Information throughout portions of www.hardcoreoffroaders.worldbreak.com 

October 23, 2003:  Updates to Halloween Havoc 2003 Page Regarding notes about Spectator Safety, using Spectator Pathway, and No Passengers on Sandhill. 

October 23, 2003:  Worked some more on updating the Sponsor Information.

Welcome To The Home Page of Hardcore Offroaders, Inc.!
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