About Hardcore Offroaders, Inc.

What is Hardcore Offroaders, Inc.?

Hardcore Offroaders, Inc. maintains its Club Property in the small town of Walkerton, Indiana, although the Club itself originated out of LaPorte, Indiana.

What Makes Hardcore Offroaders' Property So Unique?
Well, compared to other 4-wheeling clubs in the area, Hardcore Offroaders has the largest area for developing trail systems, mud pits, mini rubicons, sand hills, campground areas, spectator areas, and practically whatever our imaginations and resources can imagine.

In fact, our club property spans __ acres, with a mere 15 acres developed already!

We are really looking forward to the next few years because there is so much potential for the land that we have to use for OFFROADING!


Club Members

As of our last montly meeting held on August 17, 2003,
we have 23 Active Members in Hardcore Offroaders, Inc.

These members are:

Adam (David) Pagels (President)
Bruce Goff (Vice President)
Alisa Wynn (Secretary and Webmaster)
Delbert Bailey
Becky Bailey
Shawn Bowen
John Fancher
Kelly Fancher
Ted Filley
Penny Goff
Ken Harper
Sean Johnson
John Love
Jody Lovekin
Pat O'Connor
Chris Penrod
William (Happi) Ruskowsky
Beth Santana
Tony Streeting
Daren Thode
Tom Thode
Kevin Woodcox
Mike Wynn

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Hardcore Offroaders, Inc. is a Member of IFWDA
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