Hitting the Trails at
Hardcore Offroaders' Club Property

As told to Hardcore’s Newsletter Editor-in Chief, Alisa Wynn, by President, Adam Pagels, Vice President, Bruce Goff, and Members Kevin Woodcox, and Tony Streeting

Kevin Woodcox and his Jeep. Photo by Tony.
It was an early Saturday morning when Bruce Goff (with his truck), Jeffery Goff, Adam Pagels (with his jeep), Delbert Bailey, Tony Streeting, Kevin Woodcox (with his jeep), Austin Woodcox, Ken Harper, and Rickie Harper all met to head down to Dugger, Indiana to see the newly opened Redbird State Riding Area. Unfortunately, upon unloading his truck from his trailer, Bruce discovered that his front axle housing was broken, and that his truck was not going to be able to check out the Riding Area.
Photo by Tony.
Although Redbird was able to be opened for this “official” grand-opening weekend, there is still much work to be done, such as the parking areas and the marking of trails. Redbird will be closing up again until it is ready for the public. The abundant rain this year has put everything way behind schedule, and rain will continue to play a factor in when Redbird will be “finished”. The fact that the ground is mostly clay has only added to the impact of the spring rains.

Photo by Delbert.
At Redbird, Kevin and Adam were doing some "unbelievable stuff", and some representatives from IFWDA got a great photo of Kevin climbing in his jeep. (This photo will be put up on the IFWDA website.) In fact, both Kevin and Adam had several close rollovers. Adam noted that he had a blast, and that his passengers, Tony and Delbert, did too! Adam took his jeep through some “dangerous” terrain, including hill climbs that he estimated to be between 50-150 feet. At one point, he had the jeep in second gear, going 30 mph at a 60 degree angle at the top of a hill that boasted at least a 25 foot drop-off, and Adam, Tony and Delbert found themselves with the front end straight up! Tony summed the day’s activities up as being, “Pretty Awesome”, and Adam related that the best part was that these adventures gave the three guys a chance to get to know each better, and that he looks forward to riding with them in the near future.
Photo by Tony.
So, what were Kevin, and his passengers, Austin, Ken, and Rickie, doing when he got the “IFWDA” picture taken? I asked him this very question, to which he responded, “My jeep was laying on its side!” This was the first time he had EVER flipped his jeep, and it took another jeep to get his jeep upright again. Amazingly, his pop can stayed in the drink holder the whole time, although the contents were not so cooperative, and Kevin ended up looking like he had a whole other kind of accident. To top it all off, Kevin ended up flipping his jeep a second time! To his credit, he was able to get his jeep upright himself that time.
Photo by Tony.

All in all, the guys wheeled until about 3 pm at Redbird, and had a nice stay at the RV site, equipped with electric and water. They got to play until 3:30 pm on Sunday at Attica, as well. Sounds like an ideal weekend to me!

With only two functional vehicles, Bruce and Jeffery headed out on their own adventures in Dugger. They conquered a bit of miniature golf, and even caught a flick at the theatre. They stayed busy all day in Attica, as well. These 2 guys kept their spirits up and didn’t let a bit of bad luck ruin a great get-away weekend for them! Great attitudes are something that we really should value in being a Hardcore Member, and I think that Bruce and Jeff really demonstrated this.

Photo by Tony.

Photo by Tony.

Redbird SRA Officially Opening
September 6, 2003! Click on the Redbird SRA Logo to be linked to their Website.

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