Halloween Havoc 2003

Saturday/Sunday October 25-26, 2003

Hardcore Offroaders' Halloween Havoc 2003 is coming!

For More Info Call: Bruce:574/586-2790 or Adam: 219-369-9215

Halloween Havoc Past and Present
Hardcore Offroaders, as it stands today, arose out of the original Hardcore club, who were based in LaPorte, IN, and basically revolved around an annual Halloween Havoc event, since they had no home-base land to call their own. Club participation was pretty much limited to that one event. In 2001, another club called Quad County Offroaders--founded in mid 2001, and approximately 7 members-strong!--AND WHO DID HAVE PROPERTY TO CALL HOME, had the foresight to contact the old-Hardcore club to volunteer services for Halloween Havoc 2001 in exchange for a little club exposure and to talk to potential new-members. However, based on that experience, and the desire for the more-dedicated old-Hardcore members, as well as the great potential that lies with having your own property, Hardcore and Quad County merged into the new Hardcore Offroaders, Inc.

Halloween Havoc 2002 marked the first official year at Hardcore's own club property.

We had at least 380 people come in through our gates on Saturday, and at least 460 people on Sunday. There were 149 Vehicles registered for the weekend. As you can imagine, probably 99 percent were trucks. There were some modified car-trucks (CRUCKS????), and there were probably 4 to 5 buggies.

With the word-of-mouth factor, we hope to attract lots more spectators and participants this year (and people, in general, as Halloween Havoc has grown each year).

Entrance Fees and Other Such Information
FIVE DOLLARS per person, per day at the Gate.
FIFTEEN DOLLARS per Vehicle Covers Saturday and Sunday!

Tech Inspections done daily.
Camping free with Registration.
Food Vendor(s) will be on site.

(Please note that all Spectators will be required to only walk down the designated Spectator pathway.  We do not want to have anyone who is not a Participant walking where vehicles are located.  The walkway will consist of a barrier of fencing in some spots, while other portions will be comprised of trees and tall brush.  This will take you safely to where the Spectator Island is located, and where Spectators will have a great view of the mudpit and of the Sandhill.)

Please No Pets! We can not let any pets, even those on leashes into Halloween Havoc.

Also, alcohol and illegal drugs will not be tolerated at Halloween Havoc.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Saturday, October 25, 2003:
Gates Open: 8:30am
Registration: 9:00am-4:00pm
Drivers Meeting: 10am
Mudpit/Trails/Sandhill/Rock Climb:
All Open at: 10:30 am
Play Until Dusk!

Sunday, October 26, 2003:
Gates Open: 8:30am
Registration: 9:00am-12:00pm
Drivers Meeting: 10am
Mudpit/Trails/Sandhill/Rock Climb:
All Open at: 10:30 am
Play Until 4:30pm!
Awards/Closing Ceremony: 5:00pm

Vehicle Requirements
Vehicles Must Pass Tech Check Sat. and Sun., which includes:
Tow Points, front/rear,
Seatbelts 4 ALL Passengers
Battery tied down
(no bungee cords)

The activities offered at Halloween Havoc are as follows:

Mudpit:(yes, trucks and jeeps are usually the main vehicles, here, but 1-2 of the buggy guys did attempt this and seemed to love it!)

Mini-Rubicon (Rock-climb hill): Trucks and jeeps only for obvious reasons.

BIG Sandhill: A fun place to play, especially for the buggies who definitely have fun here. Last year, they got some great air, and gave kids lots of rides.


TRAILS: Hardcore Offroaders has about a mile of trails, comprised of approximately 15 acres. Many people opted to spend a lot of time on the trails, taking advantage of the fact that we have designed the trails to vary in difficulty for trucks (hills, dips, etc.) but seemed to be a breeze for the buggies. (We have a lot more land to develop for trails, and are kind of waiting to get input from future club members who are interested in atv's or buggies to do this.)

Halloween Havoc is not so much a competition weekend. It's a play weekend. We have trophies, but they more best-of-showmanship type trophies, such as audience picked winners, Most Damage, Best Jeep, Best Ford, etc. The trophies are not really the focus of the weekend. People come to have a great time, and becuase they have heard of all the fun their friends had at Halloween Havoc in the past five years.

We are seeking SPONSORS for Halloween Havoc
and will update that information as necessary.

Sponsors So Far!
Hop's Powered Parachutes, Walkerton, IN (Corporate Sponsor)

4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers, Indianapolis, IN (_______ Sponsor)

Jet Corr, Valparaiso, IN (Affiliate Sponsor)

Door Prairie Auto Museum, LaPorte, IN (Patron Sponsor)

Thode Floral Company, LaPorte, IN (Patron Sponsor)

Subway Sandwiches, Walkerton, IN (Patron Sponsor)

MB's Restaurant & Sports Bar, Walkerton, IN (Patron Sponsor)

Liquor Vault, LaPorte, IN (Trophy-Fund Patron)