Hardcore Offroaders Favorite Links

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Yes, there are zillions upon zillions of websites out there,
however, these are some links
that will either take you right to some pertinent information,
or will give you a good tool to link to some great sites!

Hardcore Offroaders, Inc's Recommended Sites

4 Wheel Parts Performance Center
Indianapolis, IN
Hop's Powered Parachutes
Walkerton, Indiana
Your one stop 4WD sites source.
Tread Lightly
Homepage of the
Champions of Responsible Outdoor Recreation
Indiana Four Wheel Drive Association.
Dedicated to Conservation and Recreation.
United Four Wheel Drive Associations.
An International Organization,
Enhancing the reach of communication between its membership and extending its reach to more individuals, clubs and associations all around the world.
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Division of Public Information and Education
For your Traveling Needs!
Internet Movie Database
A Fun Site with an Awesome Search Engine!

Google.com Directory Links

Google Directory to Sites Dealing with Offroad Vehicles
Google Directory to Sites Dealing with Offroading Clubs
Google Directory to Sites Dealing with Land Use Issues
Google Directory to Sites Dealing with 4X4 Vehicles

Hope you enjoy these great links!